Capturing and Keeping Your Listener’s Attention: The Art of Crafting A Compelling Story

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Have you ever wondered how a story can keep you on the edge of your seat or unable to stop turning pages in anticipation of what will come next?

There are Three Musts for creating a provocative, entertaining, and compelling story for the beginning of a presentation:

1) Action

2) High Stakes (Conflict)

3) Narrative + Dialogue

Many speakers begin their presentations with a story, or rather something story-like. It is easy to fall into the trap of creating essays, stand-up routines, or tirades which have no redeeming ending or closure.

Your eloquent verbiage may work beautifully on paper, but does not always translate into a dramatic moment when it goes  ‘live’ as the spoken word.

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3 Tips for Talking the Talk

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In this day and age, networking events and “doing it in person” is key to increasing visibility and business connections. All of us, at one time, or another, have had to sell ourselves, and what it is we do. We are indeed out there ‘pitching’ – “Our Lips Moving  For Hire” – so to speak!

We are all too familiar with that Incessant Talker at a networking event who carries on-and-on about what they do and appears to care less about what you, the Listener needs to know.  Have you ever been that non-stop monologue talker – that pair of “guilty lips?”

The following 3 Tips will ensure that you get that call back, email, or hit you so passionately desire by making You a Memorable Take-A-Way –  not a Leave-Behind!

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