3 Tips for Talking the Talk

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In this day and age, networking events and “doing it in person” is key to increasing visibility and business connections. All of us, at one time, or another, have had to sell ourselves, and what it is we do. We are indeed out there ‘pitching’ – “Our Lips Moving  For Hire” – so to speak!

We are all too familiar with that Incessant Talker at a networking event who carries on-and-on about what they do and appears to care less about what you, the Listener needs to know.  Have you ever been that non-stop monologue talker – that pair of “guilty lips?”

The following 3 Tips will ensure that you get that call back, email, or hit you so passionately desire by making You a Memorable Take-A-Way –  not a Leave-Behind!

TIP # 1 Less IS More

The # 3 IS The MAGIC!  Anthropologists and psychologists attest to what ancient storytellers, modern songwriters, and Madison Avenue advertisers have long known the human brain loves things that come in three’s.  Think of the three Little Pigs, three Coins in a Fountain, three Blind Mice, and all the songs that use the Magic Number, like the Beatles’ “She loves me, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Most ads give you three good reasons for buying a product, not twenty. “Milky Way a day helps you work, rest, and play.” And advertising, as we all know, moves billions of dollars’ worth of products. It’s the ultimate form of Persuasion.

Limit yourself to THREE key ‘must need to know’ areas about, WHO you are and WHAT you do.

At any given networking event there are alot of lips moving. Magnify that by the number of ears listening and that makes for alot of information to take-away! Think Quality – NOT Quantity of Words – if YOU want to be Memorable – and not just Noisy.

As a speaker it is your responsibility to engage the listener and keep their attention. It is not the listener’s responsibility to work to understand what it is you are saying. Don’t be too technical. Don’t assume the listener knows about your field of expertise. Be Prepared – With Less.

Remember: Brevity Is Key!

TIP # 2 PAUSE For Your Cause

Speed Kills on the highways and it is also death for the person who cannot control their rate! SLOW DOWN. In this fast-paced world we are going so fast we not only make mistakes but also fail to make lasting impressions.

Pausing brings ‘attention’ to what a speaker has just said and also ‘signals’ to the listener something important is about to be said. The normal rate at which a listener can absorb and then reflect upon what a speaker has just said is between 130 to 150 WPM (words per minute). Pausing allows us to ‘come up for air’ thank goodness. Allow yourself a moment to breathe.

Remember: Allow Your Listener the “air space”- – – – – – -to Ask a Question.

TIP # 3 The ‘EYES’ Have It

The Tongue is not the only truth; we can also ‘speak the truth’ through the use of another non-verbal communication channel – The Eyes. We have all had to get someone’s attention across a crowded room by using only our eyes.

When someone approaches you at a networking event, focus (without riveting) your ‘baby blues’ or your ‘warm browns’ on the speaker. Your Eyes indicate your sincere interest; it’s a way of Listening without Talking. Whatever you do – Don’t suddenly avert your eye contact to the next available networking candidate. How Rude! Know how to disengage your eyes gradually. Let your Words and your Eyes say goodbye before moving on to the next person.

Your eyes, your gestures, your posture, your presence, is your non-verbal ‘signature’ – the “take-away” that your listener will find memorable. Your positive Body Language is the image you leave behind.


1. Concise Speech   2. Clear Speech    3. Eye Contact

These are 3 of the most highly rated behaviors that recruiters look for when interviewing a prospective job candidate. Non-Verbal cues and clues tell the listener who a person is and how that person will fit into the work climate. Will this person benefit our team?

Will You Get That Job?  Happy Pitching!

Just One More TIP: The normal Reading Rate (Speed) for 3 Tips To Talking The Talk to be retained is approximately 150 to 180 WPM (words per minute), or about three minutes worth of reading aloud time for this article. Give it a Try – See How You Do.

Bev Thompson is a seasoned presentations trainer and coach for Fortune 500 companies. She also teaches Speaking With Confidence and Standard American Pronunciation at New York University. For more information about Thompson Communications and our training services, please go to: http://www.linkedin.com/in/7b7g7t.

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