The Magic Feather

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The Magic Feather

The Magic Is Inside YOU!

by Bev Thompson

Magic talismans have been around for centuries, but unfortunately they seldom are the making of miracles, foretelling the future, or predicting our paths in life. if anything, their power is based upon myth and short-lived.

Your Magic Feather can be gone with the slightest whisk of air. Just ask Dumbo, the circus elephant who thought he could fly with a Magic Feather tucked inside his trunk, until he lost the feather, and with it – his confidence to fly!

This post will help you discover that it is The Magic Within You – and not from some outside force, friend, energy, or trick that will help you become a better speaker,  but rather by embracing Your Authentic Self – The Magic Inside You!

Where Do You Find The Magic?

To discover The Magic – Your Magic, begin by asking yourself these questions:

 1) How Can I Free My Fears?

 2) How Can I Face Up to Anxiety?

 3) How Can I Become More Self-Confident?

 The answers to these questions will point you in the direction of Your Authentic Self – The Magic Inside You!

The magic within is often referred to as your organic-self, your spirit, your authentic self. This magic needs to be nurtured, appreciated, and embraced in order to feel worthy and confident. Wanting to be just like someone else can actually sabotage your desire to conquer your fear, anxiety, and embrace feelings of self-worth.

As you read the following, see which words strike a deep feeling of recognition inside of you. I invite you to reflect on each of the following key points and the personal meaning each question has for You.

1) How Can You Free Your Fears?

            “If You Judge People, You Have No Time To Love Them.” ~ Mother Theresa

• Let Go of Judgement   

Do you depend too much on the approval of others? When you need to approval or admiration of others’, you may be allowing other’s opinions stop you from taking action. Inside your unresolved assessment of yourself, anxieties are borne inflamed by the critiques of others.

Set those critics lose – let them die – in order to be free!

• Let Go of Wanting to Be Just LIke Someone Else

 Vicarious envy will pull you away from the real challenge – Being ¥ou! We improve our skills by – Doing! Don’t passively watch and wish you could be like someone else.

– Don’t Mimic!

– Make Your Own Style!

– Take Action!

– Don’t Be A – Wanna-Be!

• Let Go of Perfectionism

 Being perfect is a Myth. It is a form of “procrastination” because you never quite get there. Perfectionism confines you, makes you stop short of your goals, keeps you neat and tidy editing yourself – into oblivion – trying to find the “illusive” perfectionism you seek.

Don’t waste anymore of your valuable time!

2) How Can You Face Up To Anxiety?

• Minimalize The Power

 Anxiety feeds on itself and multiplies. Accept that Everyone gets nervous and anxious at one time or another when speaking. Accept the adrenaline rush, then move the focus off yourself and on your message.

• Think Others – Think Message – NOT Self!

Instead of looking in the mirror and focusing on your bad hair day, the circles under your eyes, or that chipped nail, say the introduction to your presentation. Say it until it belongs to You!

• Speak –  Don’t Talk

Talking is random; Speaking is Purposeful and PREPARED! You have heard that worn out cliché about Carnegie Hall. Even so, it does ring true. How do you get anywhere in life successfully? With a lot of hard work, dedication and good ole Practice!

3) How Do You Become More Self-Confident?

        “Be Yourself, The World Worships the Original.” ~ Ingrid Bergman

• Use High-Octane Self-Talk

 Don’t bad mouth yourself! If you talk to others the way you loathe and beat up on yourself, you would have no friends. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence will eventually follow your self-loathing and abusive self-talk around ~ like a puppy dog. Praise goes a long way! Always accept those areas that need improvement and always compliment yourself for a presentation well done.

• Find the Pearl

 Learning to speak confidently is not about changing You! Making You LIke Someone Else! It is about finding the pearl hidden within you that is the perfect shape and size. It’s All Yours!

– It’s Your Brilliance

Your Shine

Your Polish

– The Gem that is Uniquely You

• Be Yourself!

 You pay yourself a compliment when you embrace your uniqueness. You enhance your self-esteem with a deep and lasting fulfillment with many rewards and much applause to follow.

So what are you waiting for?

                          Embrace Your Authentic Self – The Magic Inside You!

Please write in, if you would like, and share your thoughts, insights, and additions. I welcome them.

Contact Bev Thompson at: for information about scheduling workshops and master classes.





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