Standard American Pronunciation for Non-native Speakers of English

Are you often asked to repeat or re-explain yourself because others cannot understand you?

Do you often shy away from speaking?

Do you hesitate when responding to others because you are unsure of a word meaning or phrase? 

Do you often find that co-workers do not understand what you have said because of difficulties with your pronunciation?

Do you feel inadequate and sense that your language skills have held you back on the job?

Do you avoid social events with work colleagues because you don’t understand idiomatic expressions when others speak about informal topics?

See Me Speak finds accents very appealing and quite engaging, but not when they get in the way of understanding and accuracy. In any cultural setting it is not what you say but how you say it that matters most; having an accent means that you have to be excellent in all that you do. See Me Speak trainers are experts when it comes to helping you improve the following skills:

Understanding how your speech varies from Standard American English

Developing your ability to speak Standard American English with clarity and variety

Increasing your confidence when speaking in meetings, making oral presentations and facilitating introductions in formal and informal settings

Using the International Phonetic Alphabet as a tool when learning to recognize and accurately produce the sounds of Standard American English

Improving pronunciation, enunciation, rhythm, intonation and stress

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