Develop and Organize Content

Is your confidence suffering even though you know the topic, occasion, and the audience you are addressing? 

Do you have difficulty knowing exactly what to cover in your message?

Do you lose your listener because you speak too long?

Do you lose your listener because your message is too broad or technical?

Do you have difficulty deciding what approach to take when your goal is to inform, persuade, or motivate your listener?

Do you find that you have no direction or guidelines when developing the structure and content for your message?

See Me Speak knows that dynamic topics must follow certain guidelines and use specific templates when speakers are defining purpose and developing content. Presenters will learn specific techniques for informing, convincing, or motivating their listeners through:

Understanding how to use purposeful and parallel language for actionable take-aways when implementing speaking points

Staying within any given time limit by learning how much information is enough

Knowing specific language and outlining techniques devised for informative, persuasive, and motivational messages

Using internal summaries and transitional techniques to emphasize key points for maximum clarity and retention

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