Deliver and Connect with Listeners

Do you feel your credibility suffers when your listeners sense an unnatural or artificial vocal or non-verbal behavior?

Do you feel your voice is too high or too low, creating vocal tightness?

Do you sense that your voice lacks interest and emotional impact?

Do you lose your listeners because your voice lacks projection?

Do you often rush through material, unable to pause for meaning?

Do you not know what to do with your hands?

Do you have postures and gestures that detract from your message?

See Me Speak training works with each presenter on rate, pitch, volume, vocal variety and non-verbal communication. Remember: It is not only what you say but also how you say it by:

Learning Vocal and Non-verbal Expressiveness to gain and keep the listener’s attention and interest.

Utilizing Vocal and Non-verbal Expressiveness to make meanings clear when words may leave doubt

Remembering Vocal and Non-verbal Expressiveness tells the listener what you think of them.

Knowing Vocal and Non-verbal Expressiveness signals to the listener how you feel about yourself and the words you are saying.

Maintaining Vocal and Non-verbal Expressiveness to confirm with the listener whether they should respect and believe what you are saying.

Developing Non-verbal Expressiveness utilizing facial expressions, gestures, and body movements to maintain the most positive listener interaction.

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